Registration sustainable energies as a Catalyst for Regional Development

June 5-7 2007, Eilat, Israel

Several peripheral regions in the world are striving to leverage their potential to become success stories of regional development through the adoption of sustainable energy practices. The Arava and Eilat region in southern Israel is committed to becoming a global leader by adopting a comprehensive strategy of innovative renewable energy ventures as the core of its regional development plans. Recent deregulations in the energy market along with new higher tariffs for clean energy are turning the vision of a sustainable energy model for the region into a reality.
Characterized by high levels of radiation, favorable wind conditions, readily available industrial land, strong federal and regional governmental support, the arid Arava regien and some other peripheral regions offer an ideal environmental, business economic, and social platform for implementing leading Israeli technologies in the field of renewable energy.

Key objective
The key objective of the conference is to facilitate this process by promoting thought-provoking presentations and discussion between key stakeholders as well as learning from relevant success stories from around the world.
The conference will include interactive roundtable sessions focused around major technological and business opportunities in the Arava region. These sustainable energy opportunities will be examined from the perspectives of key stakeholders such as: the private sector, academics, government, public sector, local NGO's and community groups.
The unique location of the Arava in such close proximity to neighboring countries with similar physical characteristics, offers an opportunity to apply such practices in those countries, thereby further promoting existing initiatives of innovative regional cooperation.

Pre-conference of ISES (Israeli Solar Energy Section) will be held on June 4, at Tel Aviv University. For more details please use the web –sites: or